Disabled-friendly.com does not carry out background checks of any kind on its members.

Any views expressed on this website are solely those of the individual making the submission/comment and do not reflect the view of Disabled Friendly, disabled-friendly.com.

Members are responsible for their own safety and privacy with respect to the information they place on their profile, and share with other members by any other method such as posts or messages or if they meet in person. Members should not place sensitive personal information in posts, comments, etc, such as their address, phone number, work address, bank account details, for example.

You, the member, should also bear in mind that if you are meeting another member face to face, then you should take all reasonable precautions in respect of your safety and privacy, such as agreeing to meet in a public place, being sober throughout the meet, taking a safe route/safe method of transport to the meeting e.g. not being driven to the meeting place by your date but making your own way to the date by taxi to and from the meet, letting a friend or relative know where you are going and with whom, not disclosing personal information such as your home address, phone number, bank details or work address and by keeping your purse or wallet safe while spending time together. These are just a few examples. Use your common sense and don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Disabled-friendly.com takes no responsibility for posts, submissions or meetings or what happens at them.



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